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Turftak2 Two-Part Installation Kit

Turftak Synthetic Turf Adhesives

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Turftak2 Two-Part Artificial Turf Install Kit

Turftak2 Installation Kit was developed to quickly and efficiently install synthetic turf for large projects, while providing long lasting and proven results - everything you need for the perfect turf install in one place!

The Turftak2 installation kit includes our two-part artificial turf adhesive, a plastic notched trowel, and synthetic turf tape with up to 50ft of 12inch seams.

Turftak2 is a solvent-free, two-part polyurethane adhesive that consists of a paste and fluid hardener which, when mixed, creates a uniform green colored adhesive that blends in with the turf sheets. Both parts are conveniently packed to allow for simple, yet accurate mixing.


Instructions For Use:

  • Simply pour the uniformly mixed adhesive evenly onto seam tape using a notched or glue box.
  • Once seams are sealed, simply tread the seams with no need for weighted bagging.

Upon completion of cure, Turftak2 two-part adhesive produces an ultra low foaming elastomer which is key to producing a strong yet flexible bond. 

Whether you are a seasoned installer or working on a back yard project, choose the synthetic turf adhesive the professionals trust - Turftak!


Why Choose Turftak2?

✔ Flexible

✔ Solvent-Free

✔ Great for Larger Jobs

✔ 50ft of 12inch Seams

✔ Quick & Convenient 

Turftak2 Two-Part Kit includes:

  • 1 - One Gallon Two-Part Turf Adhesive

  • 1 - 50ft Roll of Turf Seaming Tape

  • 1 - Plastic Notched Trowel


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    Technical Data:

    • Chemical Base: Polyurethane
    • Viscosity: Part A: 250000 - 400000 cps at 68°F | Part B: 300 - 600 cps at 68°F
    • Specific Gravity: Part A: 1.60 - 1.70 at 68°F | Part B: 1.15 - 1.25 at  68°F
    • Solids Content: 100%
    • Flammability: Non-Flash Point
    • Service Temperature: -40°F to 248°F
    • Color: Green when mixed
    • Cure Time: 3 hours at 86°F | 6 hours at  68°F 
    • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water, dilute acids, alkalis and aliphatic oils
    • Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened container
    • Packaging: 1 Gallon (11.6lbs)


    For smaller projects, Turftak's Artificial Turf Install Kit is ideal - check it out here

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