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Professional Grade MS Polymer Sealants

MS Polymer Sealants are part of a new generation of isocyanate-free, high strength bonding and sealing technology. These polymer-based sealants use a modified silane polymer as its chemical base, which is known for offering superior adhesion and green strength when compared to traditional silicone adhesives and sealants. This new MS polymer adhesive and sealant technology provides water-tight sealing of joints, suitable for marine and boating environments. Benefits of MS polymer adhesives and sealants include strong yet flexible bonds while sealing lines, odorless formulation, paintability, and incredible UV resistance. MS polymer adhesives have a broad range of applications, including structural sealing, marine environments like yacht manufacturing and boat making, and even specialty vehicle manufacturing. View some of Chemique Adhesives' moisture cure MS Polymer Sealant offerings below!


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