Massetak High Performance Spray Adhesive - Industrial Strength Aerosol Adhesive - 17oz Cans

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Massetak High Performance Spray Adhesive is a non-chlorinated, aerosol contact adhesive based on the latest advances in halogen-free adhesive technology.

When compared to traditional general-purpose adhesives, this new generation of synthetic rubber/resin adhesive offers a much higher solids content in a low solvent formula. Once cured, Massetak Aerosol Adhesive yields superior heat resistance in comparison, combined with an incredibly strong, professional-grade bond. The only flammable components are the propellant and the solvent carrier, once they have evaporated a totally non-flammable bond is achieved.


Massetak High Performance Spray Adhesive is produced using a blend of solvents designed to emulate Dichloromethane, but without the potentially harmful nature of that material. It bonds many materials such as laminates, fabrics, foam, felt, carpets and carpet tiles, cardboard, rubber, polythene, sheet vinyl and most plastics to themselves and a wide variety of substrates including wood, metal, concrete, brickwork, stone, slate, glass etc; making it ideal for virtually any use!

Technical Data:

  • Packaging: 17 fl oz Aerosol Can;
  • Solvent: Non-Chlorinated
  • Service Temperature: 40°F to +230°F
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water, dilute acids, alkalis and aliphatic oils, not suitable for PVC.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months in unopened containers
  • Storage Temperature: Between 50°F and 68°F. Lower temperatures can cause permanent damage to the product

Application Data

  • Application Temperature: Between 59°F and 77°F
  • Substrate Preparation: All surfaces should be free of contamination by dust, grease, oils or release agents. Cleaning solutions, if used, must be allowed to evaporate before application of the adhesive.