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Woodtak Wood Adhesive

Chemique Adhesives

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Woodtak PVA Wood Adhesive

Superior quality, fast setting D3 rated PVA wood adhesive.

Woodtak PVA wood adhesive is a one component polyvinyl acetate D3 conformance adhesive used for bonding wood and wood-based materials.

Woodtak is characterized by a high creep resistance, high heat resistance and a fast setting time. PVA adhesives are the ideal choice for timber work, offering a high bond strength that lasts!

For quick and easy application, spread adhesive uniformly across surfaces to be bonded, using a brush, a spreader or mechanical roller or by hand.


Woodtak PVA adhesive can be used for all woodworking applications that require enhanced water resistance. It's clear drying formula makes in the perfect choice for high quality joinery, doors, windows, stairs and more! Woodtak PVA wood glue can also be used for furniture assembly and bonding high pressure laminates and timber veneers. 


 High quality PVA wood to D3 specification 

 Bonding of windows and doors and all joinery applications 

 Suitable for hot or cold pressing 

Hard and exotic timber pressing 

Water resistant

 Dries clear

Clean up with water

45% solids 

Can be applied by hand or mechanical roller


Download the Woodtak Information Sheet


Woodtak Wood Adhesive Technical Data

  • Chemical Base: Polyvinyl Acetate
  • Color: White
  • Viscosity: 10000 - 15000 cps @ 68°F
  • Solids: 43 - 45%
  • pH: 2 - 4
  • Packaging: 1100kg IBC, 25kg container and 5kg container 
  • Storage Life: 12 months in unopened container 
  • Storage Temperature: 50°F to 77°F
  • Water Resistance: D3 compliant
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet


Woodtak Wood Adhesive Application Data

  • Adhesive Drying Time: Approximately 3-10 mins dependent on coating weight of adhesive, porosity and moisture content of substrates
  • Application Method: Use a roller, brush or spreader and apply to woods 
  • Application & Substrate Temperature: 64 °F to 68 °F
  • Moisture Content of Wood: 8 - 10%
  • Substrate Preparation: All surfaces should be free of contamination by dust, grease, oils or release agents. Substrates should be checked for contamination by mould release or cutting agents. Metals should be degreased prior to bonding. Cleaning solutions, if used, must be allowed to evaporate before application of the adhesive.


Find out more and download the Woodtak brochure here!


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