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Brand New Turftak LV Artificial Turf Adhesive

Turf Adhesives: The Best Low Viscosity, High Performance Artificial Turf Adhesive

Low Viscosity, High Performance: Introducing Turftak LV Artificial Turf Adhesive

Following the successful launch of the new Massetak Adhesive System released in 2020, Chemique Adhesives unveils an innovative new low-viscosity synthetic turf adhesive, called Turftak LV. This new synthetic turf adhesive aims to increase the production efficiencies of synthetic turf installers by as much as 60 percent over traditional turf adhesive offerings.


Turftak LV Synthetic Turf Adhesive - Handheld BottleDeveloped in conjunction with some of the largest turf names in the United States, Turftak LV is a fast curing, easy to use one-component low viscosity polyurethane adhesive specially formulated for trouble-free seeming, repair, and installation of synthetic turf. This new induction from Chemique pours and spreads easier over turf seam tapes and cures in just one hour. In addition, the new Turftak LV works with existing turf tape glue box systems enabling installation teams to operate at a much more productive rate. 
Turftak LV Sytnehtic Turf Adhesive - Large ContainerDuring the development of Turftak LV, our main goal was to provide a safe to use, solvent-free turf adhesive that adapts to installers preferred methods of installation. In doing so we have increased install speeds while delivering the proven results that the market has come to expect from Chemique,” said Anthony McMullen, President of Chemique Adhesives USA.
Turftak LV can be easily poured on seeming tapes and spreads effortlessly with a notched trowel whilst remaining compatible with existing seeming tape glue box systems.

Turftak LV and the entire Turftak adhesives product range continues Chemique’s mission and commitment to providing industry leading adhesives and sealants in an increased climate of environmental awareness. Turftak adhesives are known throughout the industry for their product dependability and safety, while providing flexible application options in the field.

Chemique’s Turftak product range consist of a single and two-component polyurethane adhesives for installation, Quik-Fix and Install kits for residential do-it-yourself applications, and a variety of performance-grade seaming tapes.


To watch how to use Turftak1 HV adhesive click here!


For more information about Turftak LV and the entire synthetic turf adhesive range CLICK HERE:

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