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Best Spray Adhesives

Spray Adhesives: Ultimate Guide To Bondseal Sprays


The Ultimate Guide to The Best Spray Adhesives


Chemique’s Aerosol Titans: The similarities and differences of Bondseal Spray Adhesives

In a post-Covid America, where the nation’s makers and do-ers are rolling up their sleeves to get back to work they’re returning to a world of wrought by short supplies and increasing demand. Manufacturers are searching for new solutions outside of the norm in hopes of dodging the extended wait times and back orders they’re being faced with. Enter Chemique Adhesives, with their incredible line of Bondseal aerosol contact adhesives.

Bondseal aerosol adhesive range were meticulously developed to address production issues and efficiencies within foam conversion markets, such as bedding and furniture manufacturing. The Bondseal range of aerosols are perfectly suited for bonding foam, bedding, office seating and furniture, as well as a wide variety of substrates including wood, plastics, metal, insulation, foam, fabric, cardboard and paper, where a soft bond line is required. That last part is where Bondseal industrial adhesives really shine. Read below to learn more about each Bondseal performance-grade aerosol adhesive.


Bondseal 2080

Chemique’s original and most popular formulation, Bondseal 2080 Do-It-All Spray Adhesive was developed with clean, quick, and convenient spray application in mind. Bondseal 2080 aerosol spray adhesive is a more environmentally conscious aerosol using ozone friendly propellants to provide a clean and versatile bonding solution without sacrificing the excellent instant grab properties it is well known for. It’s extremely popular in foam and fabric conversion but is perfectly capable of bonding a wide variety of more difficult surfaces including metal, wood, plastic, insulation, and cardboard materials. Simply put, it’s clean and easy to use and provides results you can count on. 


Bondseal 2090

Building on the popularity of its counterpart mentioned above, Bondseal 2090 offers many of the same benefits including a direction spray nozzle for clean application and bonds a variety of commonly used materials in manufacturing. However, Bondseal 2090 industrial spray adhesive follows the stringent guidelines set forth by California’s Proposition 65 introduced by the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Proposition 65 requires the state to maintain and update a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. To date, this list contains 988 chemicals and new chemicals are added on an annual basis. Bondseal 2090 uses a non-chlorinated propellant without affecting any of the bonding capabilities delivering performance you can count on. 



Bondseal Ultimate Automotive 

As the name implies, Bondseal Automotive Spray Adhesive is the apex of Chemique’s aerosol adhesive offerings. This sprayable contact adhesive offers a best in class initial tack and uses an eco-friendly aerosol propellant. Additionally, Bondseal Automotive Adhesive delivers top performance in higher temperature ranges, ideal for jobs like bonding overhead panels in automotive and specialty vehicle manufacturing. With a service temperature of 40°F to 230°F, it’s no wonder Bondseal Ultimate quickly became the go-to contact adhesive for foam and fabric conversion specialist across the nation.



Bondseal Spray Lubricant 

Bondseal lubricant spray is clear and non-staining, with a fast dry formula, perfect for textile and foam processing machines found on production lines. Silicone lubricant is ideal for all mould release applications. It effectively prevents any surfaces bonding, and will not affect the surface finish of cured resins. Excellent high temperature stability means that the product is suitable for use on plastic injection moulding machines, it's impermeability to water allows multi-use protection from rain and showers as it deposits a film onto canvas tents, golf bags, umbrellas, fishing, protective clothing and camping accessories and other similar materials. Bondseal puts slip where you want it, and is excellent for treating desk drawers, squeaking hinges, seized locks and is superb for lubricating tools such as saw blades and cutting edges. It puts the shine back on vehicle dashboards and door panels and may be used as a general purpose polish, as well as a revitaliser of metal zip fasteners.



Bondseal Adhesive Remover

Chemique’s Bondseal adhesive remover is specially designed with an innovative blend of ingredients formulated to remove excess amounts of adhesive from a variety of surfaces. Its powerful action breaks down adhesives and dissolves them into a solution which can be easily removed. The Bondseal spray is ideal for use on hard surfaces such as metal, paintwork, glass, rubber, and most plastics; and soft surfaces such as carpets, curtains, blinds, etc.  It is also excellent for cleaning canister adhesive hoses and guns prior to re-use. It's portability, easy use and lack of environmentally damaging ingredients makes Bondseal the perfect choice for adhesive removal and clean up! 



Bondseal aerosols for use in the packaging industry...

The Bondseal aerosol range of spray contact adhesives are also ideally formulated for packaging applications and are used widely across the industry. Whether it’s boxes, crates, foam inserts, cardboard, or pallets, the Bondseal range meets all your demanding packaging needs! To find out more, click here to read our packaging adhesives information sheet!


Bondseal Aerosol Adhesive Sprays


Bondseal Spray Adhesives are great for industrial, commercial, and residential projects alike. Offering outstanding performance benefits like great initial tack, long-term bond integrity, eco-friendly aerosol propellants, and higher solids content it’s easy to see why businesses are continuing to turn to Bondseal adhesives to combat pandemic supply shortages and to keep production on track.

If you want to learn more about Bondseal Aerosol Adhesives, or any of Chemique’s Performance-Grade Manufacturing Adhesives please visit the CONTACT US page and submit an inquiry. We would love the opportunity to partner with you on your next project.

Learn more and shop Chemique's popular spray adhesives here.

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