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Turf Installation: How-To Install Artificial Grass

Turf Installation: How-To Install Artificial Grass

DIY Guide for Installing Artificial Grass

To help you through your easy at-home turf installation, we have created this handy step-by-step guide using our popular Turftak Artificial Turf Installation Kit. This synthetic turf installation kit can be used for residential use and smaller installations.

Included in the kit:

Tools required:

  • Scissors, screwdriver, utility knife etc (or seal puncture tool usually attached to caulk gun)
  • Caulking gun for standard 10-inch cartridges


Step (1) After preparing and trimming lawn, check seams are free from dirt and contaminants  

Step (2) Insert measured length of seam tape underneath the desired seam

Step (3) Remove backing of the cartridge and puncture the seal using the seal puncture tool attached to the caulk gun or a sharp object such as scissors or a screwdriver

Step (4) Cut the tip of the cartridge nozzle at the second or third perforation depending on the desired size of the hole (the larger the hole the easier to release product)

Step (5) Insert the cartridge into the caulking gun and prime until a small amount of adhesive is released from the nozzle

Step (6) For application, run the glue in a zig-zag motion across the turftak heavy duty artificial turf tape

Step (7) Align one piece of turf onto the tape and making sure to check the grain is in the same direction, apply second piece of turf joining the seam together

Step (8) Try to avoid application of glue to unintended areas such as skin or clothing, if applied to unwanted areas, remove the adhesive quickly

Step (9) Apply pressure and allow the adhesive to cure for 12-24 hours


To purchase or find out more about the Turftak Artificial Turf Installation Kit, click here! Browse the full range of Turftak artificial turf adhesives and turf products click here

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  • Thank you for sharing this helpful guide.

    Residential Turf Raleigh

    John Buchard
  • Thank you for sharing this helpful guide.

    Residential Turf Raleigh

    John Buchard

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