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Bondseal 2090: Spray Adhesive


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Bondseal 2090 Industrial Strength Spray Adhesive

Bondseal 2090 synthetic rubber based, heavy duty aerosol adhesive developed with quick, clean and convenient spray application in mind. For controlled and efficient application without the risk of overspray, the aerosols are designed with adjustable spray nozzles that give a choice of fan widths and direction, with a web spray pattern.

Bondseal spray adhesive is a more environmentally conscious aerosol using ozone friendly, non-chlorinated propellants to provide a clean and versatile bonding solution without sacrificing the excellent instant grab properties it is well known for.

The Bondseal range of aerosols are perfectly suited for bonding foam, bedding, office seating and furniture, as well as a wide variety of substrates including wood, plastics, metal, insulation, fabric, cardboard and paper, where a soft bond line is required. 

Suitable for applications that require PROP65 and CARB compliance. Note: Not suitable for bonding plasticised PVC or PVC coated materials.

Download the Bondseal Range Information Sheet

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Why Choose Bondseal 2090 Spray?

✔ Flammable and non-flammable versions 

✔ Easy to use spray application 

✔ Adjustable nozzle 

✔ Bonds a range of substrates

✔ Good hot strength 

✔ High solids content 

✔ Instant grab contact adhesive   



Bondseal 2090 Technical Data:

  • Chemical Base: Synthetic Rubber
  • Packaging Options: 1 Can = 16.9 floz, 1 Case = 12 x 16.9 floz Cans
  • Viscosity: Sprayable Specific Gravity 0.73 - 0.77 as an aerosol
  • Solvents: Non-Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, CFC Free
  • Flammability: Highly Flammable
  • Service Temperature: 68°F to 140°F in low-stress applications
  • Color: Pale straw color
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to moisture, dilute acids, alkalis and oils


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