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Why You Should Switch To Solvent-Free Turf Adhesives

Why You Should Switch To Solvent-Free Turf Adhesives

4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solvent-Free Adhesives

#1 Health & Safety

Solvent-based adhesives contain harmful ingredients known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals can be harmful to not only the environment, but also human health. Upon application, these toxic substances can be inhaled, causing damaging health problems such as dizziness, respiratory issues as well as headaches.


#2 Environmental Impact

Solvent-based adhesives therefore not only cause detrimental effects to those who handle them, but also harm our precious environment when dangerous chemical gasses are released into the air. The solvents used in these adhesives are typically derived from fossil fuels, which, when applied in an adhesive, the solvents evaporate into the air, contributing to air pollution, negatively contributing to climate change. Solvent-free adhesives are a much better alternative as they do not release harmful polluting gasses, whilst never comprising on bond strength. When there are so many fantastic solvent-free adhesive alternatives on the market, it seems crazy to continue using such damaging products.


#3 Performance & Longevity

It’s a no brainer to choose a product that doesn’t negatively impact your health, but especially when those products achieve better performance standards. Compared to their harmful counterpart, solvent-free adhesives actually provide stronger bonds, have better water resistance and are much more flexible. Not only this, but they can be used on a wider range of materials, including plastics, metals and ceramics and even have a longer lifespan. Solvent-free adhesives maintain their strength and flexibility over time, without drying out or becoming brittle, making them the ideal choice for long-term applications. You can therefore achieve amazing results with a wide range of substrates, without compromising on long lasting results!


#4 Improved Quality

Interestingly, because solvent-free adhesives don’t contain nasty VOCs, they actually improve the quality of your finished product. It turns out that this is because those unnecessary, harmful solvents actually weaken the adhesive bond. What’s more, solvent-free adhesives additionally have better heat resistance as well as resistance to moisture and other chemicals. Solvent-free adhesives also have reduced freight costs - why pay higher freight charges if you can have a higher performing, safer and cheaper product delivered for less?


The conclusion…

 Overall, solvent-free adhesives are a better choice for both human health and the environment, they can provide better performance and compliance with regulations and offer a safer, longer-lasting, and higher quality alternative to solvent-based adhesives.


The question remains… when are you going to make the switch to Turftak solvent-free adhesives? Contact one of our artificial turf experts today!

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