GA3 Adhesive System - GA3ii Adhesive Application Unit (Flooring and Turf)

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Gone are the days of applying flooring adhesives with a bucket and trowel. The GA3ii automatic adhesive system permits flooring and artificial turf installers to cleanly, and evenly apply flooring and synthetic turf adhesive whilst standing, saving hours of backache and frustration.

Utilizing the GA3ii’s variable speed control and interchangeable rake heads, users can customize and easily lay down a smooth and consistent bead pattern, perfect for complex flooring and artificial turf installations. Lastly, the GA3ii reduces wasted adhesive and increases efficiency utilizing 10lb (100 Ounce) adhesive foil packs for maximum coverage.

GA3ii Benefits:

Faster, hassle-free adhesive application

Ergonomically designed for all day comfort

Rechargeable 18v lithium-ion battery

High-efficiency, disposable rake applicator tubes

Instant adhesive flow cut-off reducing waste

Variable speed control for uniform application

Compact (GA3i) and extended (GA3ii) models available

Ideal for bonding medium to large surface areas

Utilizes 100 ounce adhesive foils for more coverage