GA3 Adhesive System - GA3i Adhesive Application Unit (Interior Wall Cladding & Floor Repair)

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The GA3i bonding system was designed with wall cladding experts in mind and is the ideal solution for applying adhesive in medium to large panel bonding.

Manufacturers and installers alike will benefit from the ability to customize adhesive flow accordingly to their needs, allowing them to operate more efficiently without wasting or needlessly over applying adhesive to larger surfaces. The GA3i utilizes larger 600ml foil packs of adhesives affording significant savings on adhesive cost, and less time spent changing standard cartridges. A variable speed control dial and an interchangeable 200mm rake head applicator allows for precise and controlled flow of adhesive onto surfaces minimizing waste and increasing overall efficiency. Once the adhesive pack is empty, all that remains is a small aluminum cap as waste to be recycled or disposed of.

Three specially formulated adhesives have been developed for the GA3 Applicator Gun, further increasing bond performance, production efficiencies, and reducing waste while eliminating harmful solvents, isocyanates, and volatile organic compounds or VOCs for short.  

GA3 Features and Benefits

  • Faster, hassle-free adhesive applications
  • Ergonomically designed to eliminate fatigue
  • High-efficiency, disposable rake applicator tubes
  • Instant adhesive flow cut-off reducing waste
  • Variable speed control for uniform application
  • Compact (Ga3i) and Extended (GA3ii) models available
  • Ideal for bonding medium to large surface areas