Heavy-Duty-Extendable-Laminate-Veneer-Roller-14" inch Fixed Length

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Chemique Adhesives now offers a heavy duty laminate and veneer roller for that's great for vinyl flooring, linoleum, veneers, wall coverings and any other roller-required projects and installations. This laminate-veneer roller features a non-slip handle and mid-grip on a contoured, ergonomically bent metal bar that serves as a base for better leverage on tough installs.  At just 3.5” wide, this compact roller offers steady, even pressure over the entire length of the roller's action. An inset axle and non-marking roller ensures the tools won’t scuff or mark and substrates including floors, walls, or any other finished product.

Technical Specs:

  • Length 14"
  • Roller Width 3.5"
  • Roller Diameter 1.5"
  • Weight 1.4 lbs