Quiadsa PM-Green Synthetic Turf Adhesive - Green

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Quiadsa PM-Green is an industrial grade, one-component Modified Silane Polymer turf adhesive ideal for the bonding of jointing strips used in the laying of artificial and synthetic grass sheets.

Developed for the most demanding indoor/outdoor turf applications, this high-resistance formula is excels in areas including: aging and weathering resistance, ultra-violet (UV) radiation resistance, low-odor, non-shrinking, non-yellowing, paintability and permanent elasticity.  

Technical Data:

  • Chemical Base Modified Silane Polymer
  • Viscosity Paste
  • Elongation at Break >375%
  • Shore Hardness 40 Shore A
  • Cure Type Moisture Cure
  • Cure Rate 3mm/24 hours at 68°F and 65%
  • RH Skin Formation 30 Minutes
  • Color Green
  • Shelf Life 18 months in unopened container
  • Coverage Approximately 12 meters of 5mm diameter bead for a 290ml cartridge
  • Packaging: 1 - 290ml cartridge