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Massetak Professional Grade "Low Surface Energy" LSE Adhesive Kit - Primer and Adhesive

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The Massetak Low Surface Energy Adhesive Kit, or ‘LSE’ kit for short, has been rigorously developed to bond even the most difficult of materials including plastics and thermoplastic rubbers like PTFE, polypropylene (PP) , polyethylene (PE) silicone rubber, TPV—all of which require special chemical surface treatments to ensure successful bonding.

The Massetak LSE adhesive kit is a two component, professional-grade solution that when combined works together in unison, without the need for special surface treatments, to join materials often deemed as “un-bondable.” The triple-distilled, low viscosity formula replaces expensive surface treatments and allows for easy, precise application and provides a rapid bonding solution that you can count on.


  • (PP) Polypropylene:  Automotive body panels, bumpers, in-take manifolds, door cladding, containers / packaging, appliances, electrical/electronic applications.
  • (PE) Polyethylene: Automotive, packaging, housewares and wire and cable insulations, pipe and processing equipment.
  • (PTFE)(FEP)(PFA) Fluoroplastics: Gaskets, seals, slides/guides, insulators, tubing.
  • (TPE) Silicone Rubber: Automotive applications, O-rings, food Industry, gaskets, anti-vibration and weather stripping.


Technical Data:

Massetak LSE Adhesive is used in-conjunction with Massetak LSE Primer, this highly catalyzed adhesive has been formulated to penetrate the surface and give excellent "wetting" of the substrate. Triple distilled for extra purity ensures the reactivity is high and bond strengths are greatly improved over lesser quality filled grades.

LSE Adhesive Technical features:

  • Ester base - Ethyl cyanoacrylate
  • Appearance - Clear, colourless
  • Specific Gravity 25°C - 1.06 g/cm2
  • Shelf life - 12 months unopened
  • Viscosity @ 25°C - 25 - 35 mPas
  • Pack sizes 20g, 50g, 500g

Massetak LSE Primer is a solvent-based system containing a dissolved reactive species. The reactive species acts as a linking pin or bridge between an adhesive and the substrate. Introducing the active species to the substrate surface generally increases bond strength three-fold.

LSE Primer Technical features:

  • Solvent Heptane / Acetone
  • Evaporation 30-60 seconds
  • Flammability Very Flammable
  • Specific Gravity - 0.68
  • Viscosity 20°C mPas - 1.25
  • Drying time - <35 sec
  • Pack sizes 20ml, 50ml, 500ml
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